Chase log by David Reimer and Paige Burress

We went north from Norman, Oklahoma to our initial target of Enid. By the time of our arrival a couple storms were underway west and southwest of town. We watched one supercell cross Highway 412 west of Enid while at the same time watched a more organized supercell south of Lahoma. The video begins with our journey from the west side of Enid to just south of Lahoma. We set up two miles south of Lahoma and film as the storm approaches our location. It had a strongly rotating wall cloud but very heavy rains the night before meant no dust was visible from any potential ground circulation (tornado). The one tornado we were able to confirm was brief in nature but still spectacular to watch. We followed the storm to north/northeast of Lahoma where it continued to produce several rotating wall clouds. It came close to producing a large tornado northwest of Enid when the wall cloud almost ended up scraping the ground. Once again heavy rains the previous night meant no dust and no confirmed tornado. We end the chase video with a time-lapse of the storm as it approaches Highway 64 north of Enid. We followed up behind the storm and were able to measure very large hail that had fallen. During the whole chase we were anxious over a more intense tornadic supercell that was taking aim at Norman – our hometown.