Jenny and veteran storm chaser Ric Burney headed out to west central Texas the afternoon of May 5th to chase storms expected to fire along the dryline that afternoon and evening. Their first target storm developed just north of I-20 near Snyder so they went to check it out. For a time, it appeared it could be developing some low level rotation and a nice wall cloud, but heavy precip quickly caused the storm to go outflow dominant and decrease in intensity as it moved east and off the dryline.  In the meantime, another storm was developing southwest of Colorado City and showed signs that it was quickly intensifying, so they trekked south and intercepted it along Hwy 163 just as it became tornado-warned. They found a spot to observe the storm for about 20 minutes and watched it developing numerous small funnel clouds, including an elongated rope funnel, but it never produced an actual tornado. They followed the storm into Loraine as it dissipated, then backtracked west again when another strong cell began development between Forsan and Westbrook. This was a bit of an unusual storm as it soon split in two with the left split, or northern storm, staying dominant for quite some time. They followed it north of I-20 until it died out north of Westbrook. By that time, another strong cell began development south of Westbrook and north of Sterling City, so they backtracked again down Hwy 163 and caught up with the storm just as it went tornado-warned.  This storm presented some very rapid rotation and it tried several times to drop a tornado right in front of them.  This ended up becoming the dominant storm of the evening producing multiple funnels and two confirmed tornado touchdowns after dark, one crossing Hwy 163 about 13 miles north of Sterling City, then several more brief touchdowns just southwest of Silver. Lack of good road networks in the area made it difficult to stay right under the storm and observe any of the tornado touchdowns, so the two ended up hanging back and getting structure shots just after sunset.  Be sure to scroll down and check out a few of Jenny’s shots from the chase!i-LDHZmN4-X2 i-fVN8Cq5-X2 i-85mP6H5-X2 i-4ddC4Bv-X2 i-LCBbPvm-X2 i-gTNJbCR-X2 i-nZXrxPd-X2 i-rMq7DfF-X2 i-DnqrQhq-X2