Chase log by David Reimer

This was one of those days where you went out chasing just to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Paige was off work and with the setup within two hours it was a no-brainer. I personally wasn’t exceptionally excited about the day but if you don’t chase you don’t see anything. We intercepted a dying storm near Altus, Oklahoma and watched its demise. Multiple severe storms were also underway around Childress on the Texas/Oklahoma border. The storms were looking multicellular on radar with numerous outflow boundaries keeping storm organization marginal. We moved west out of Altus to Hollis. A low-precipitation supercell slowly weakening provided the opportunity to record a timelapse. However, the most exciting observation was an elevated funnel cloud that spun away as the storm itself was dissipating. It did not pose a threat but was awesome to watch and document. We tried to intercept another storm for lightning opportunities southwest of Altus but widespread strataform rain meant the cameras couldn’t come out to play. That’s where the chase ended and we returned to Norman. Late-night storms developed around Oklahoma City and allowed for a second attempt at lightning photography.