Chase Log by David Reimer

Paige and I left Norman, Oklahoma around 10:30 AM and headed north into Oklahoma City on Interstate 35. From there we traveled northeast on Interstate 44 up through Tulsa and eventually stopped at the Big Cabin Truck Stop at I-44 and US-69 to fill up on gas just before 2 PM. From there we made the 50 minute trip to Joplin, Missouri where we met up with several other storm chasers awaiting on thunderstorm initiation. After a quick lunch and top up to the gas tank we decided to move to Carthage which is on the north side of Joplin. That move was done to get a bit outside Joplin since traffic was increasing with the afternoon rush hour and to have easy access to Interstate 49. By the time we arrived in Carthage thunderstorms were quickly developing about 40 miles west of our location in southeast Kansas. Storms, as expected, formed into a broken line with some supercell structures evident. After watching to see which storm would be most opportunistic to intercept we moved about 20 miles north on Interstate 49 and ended up halfway between Jasper and Lamar at 4:45 PM CT. A marginally severe supercell crossed just north of our location with several disorganized wall clouds. Right after the storm moved east of Interstate 49 it gusted out and weakened with outflow running ahead of it. We traveled east from Interstate 49 on Highways 126 and 160 for about 15 miles before we decided to let the storm go and film time-lapse from the backside of the convection. 20 minutes later the storms were off to our east and we were back in sunshine with 40 MPH west winds. We concluded the chase at that time and headed back to Norman.

Photos taken from video