Chase Summary

Winter weather forecasts are always tricky business. One small adjustment in a parameter can radically change the forecast. Often times snow amounts will be lower than forecast because temperatures are a degree too warm. Not this time though because everything came together to produce a massive snow storm for the D/FW Metroplex. Temperatures fell below freezing around 4 AM as a moderate band of precipitation moved through the region. The forecast had the precipitation falling as rain but wet-bulb cooling resulted in the atmospheric profile cooling to freezing and a heavy, wet snow falling. A convergence zone developed over the D/FW Metroplex by mid-morning resulting in very heavy, wet snow falling for several hours. Snow continued to fall for the day and into the early evening before tapering off. The event ended with a bang with the last band of snow producing lightning – or thundersnow! Much of the inner D/FW Metroplex received 10 to 13 inches of snow. Even though roadways were well above freezing the heavy nature of the snow caused it to accumulate and make conditions treacherous. Some snow didn’t melt for over a week.

I went out and about in southwest Dallas county for the event and have included a few grabs from my old video here for your viewing pleasure.