Author: Jenny Brown

Ready for a Blue Norther?

Many parts of the state experienced record or near-record high temps today.  I feel like hollering “Someone, please turn OFF the oven! We’re burnt toast already!!!”  Thankfully, that is all about to change.  As we’ve been posting for several days now, a strong cold front …a real Texas Blue Norther…is on its way! The front actually darted into the northern panhandle earlier today, then retreated north again allowing Amarillo to tie its record high, with Borger and Dalhart setting new record highs.  No worries though…the front is expected to make another run at the panhandle overnight and continue barreling...

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Weather Balloons 101

This past Tuesday, we were able to tag along as a Vic Corbelli, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Ft. Worth, prepared for the evening weather balloon launch.  These weather balloons carry an instrument called a Radiosonde which is used to provide a vertical profile of atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure,  wind speed and wind direction.  The whole process is pretty interesting, so I thought I’d share some information and photos with y’all. To give you a bit of history, weather balloons using radiosondes have been utilized for official NOAA weather observations in the...

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Cold Front = Big Changes in store for next weekend!!!

While temps this week will be quite warm to just downright hot in some areas of the state this week, another bit of atmospheric relief from the heat is on the way!!  I don’t know about y’all…but I’ve had enough hot and muggy weather and am ready for some more fall temps!  We’ve been hinting at the chance of a strong cold front arriving later this week for a few days now, so I thought share at least what we know for now with everyone. As always, the forecast models are still at odds with a few of the...

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Latest 2012 US Winter Outlook is out

The latest NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s 2012 Winter Outlook for the US is out and it’s trending “Warmer than Normal” and “Equal chances for Precipitation” for most of Texas and much of the southwest and west.  Climate forecasters are quick to admit that the highly anticipated and predicted return to an “El Nino” cycle this fall has just not happened and is presenting many challenges in putting together a good solid forecast for this winter. Typically during El Nino cycles, we would see colder and wetter than normal winters.  This is because the jet stream shifts to a more...

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Orionid Meteor Shower peaks tonight!

The skies over many portions of Texas will be a little uncooperative tonight which won’t lead to the most perfect opportunities to view the Orionid Meteor Shower, but at the same time, it doesn’t look so bad that you won’t be able to see anything at all.  If you’re into astrophotography, or just like to gaze at beautiful shooting stars,  the best opportunities for viewing will be in the pre-dawn hours after midnight.  While you’ll be able to see the shooting stars pretty much anywhere in the night sky, provided we can get some breaks in the mid to high level clouds, the best direction to focus your sights or your camera lens will be towards the south/southeast just to the east of the Orion constellation.  David is planning to drive way out in the country up in southern Oklahoma tonight to capture some of these, so look for some of his posts later tonight and tomorrow.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the skies will provide some nice clear spots for some good viewing! Below is a link to some more indepth information about the Orionid Meteor Shower from that you may want to check out! Good luck to all those who will be out there viewing and taking pictures!  Feel free to share what you capture on our...

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