Author: David Reimer

Invest 91 (Colin) – Discussion #1

Good Morning, After a period of inactivity the Atlantic Basis is heating up once again. We have been monitoring the potential for a storm to develop in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. It would be the first of the year to develop in the more traditional zone for long track hurricanes. Overnight the storm developed and has up to the time of this posting maintained a strong area of convection, some of which is very intense. Many models are now developing this system into Hurricane Colin. The track is uncertain but it appears this storm will have an impact on the United States in some form within the next 10 days and this storm has the potential to become a high-impact storm. Please stay tuned as we most likely get a Tropical Depression sometime today. Below are a few associated graphics pulled early this morning. The IR image shows a concentrated area of thunderstorm activity, which is quite organized and has the potential to develop a Tropical Depression at some point today or tonight. Below is the intensity estimates coming off the 06Z models. Take these with a grain of salt, but it shows the general trend. I’ll have another update later this evening. – David...

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April 24, 2010 (Yazoo City) Chase Log Online

Good Evening, I know a few people have asked us when we were going to finally publish a written account of our adventures the fateful day of April 24, 2010. It has been a while but the events were still a little fresh and we felt it best to wait until the summer time when the season calmed down. We have finally published our accounts, along with our exact location for the intercept near Valley Park, MS just before 11:40 AM. You can read the entire chase log, along with the video and graphics, here. – David...

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Tornadic Supercell in New Jesey

Good Afternoon, I got a call about two hours ago from my good friend Ryan Sheff that he was being blasted by a strong RFD and just had gotten some cool images of a wall cloud in southern New Jersey. Low and behold I pull up the radar and there is a monster supercell right over his location. He was kind enough to share these images with me. This are not for rebroadcast, but are available for media licensing with full resolution. Right after Ryan took these photos he was blasted by a 75+ MPH RFD, later confirmed by the report of roofs off homes in the next town...

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Bonnie – Discussion #4

Good Morning. What we have this morning is Bonnie on its dying breath. Although it has a low level circulation, the pressure last measured by the hurricane hunters was 1013 MB, or the standard atmospheric pressure. Thus that’s not a low pressure at all. As recon was in the storm the pressure rose from 1010 MB to 1013 MB and there were minimal reports of west winds. Another burst of convection has formed, but is well north of the ‘center’ of Bonnie. Convection formed earlier tonight and had no effect on the system. Wind Shear of 30+ knots is impacting Bonnie and development is not expected. In fact based on the reports from recon it looked like Bonnie was degenerating into an open wave and the hurricane center may confirm that later this morning. There really is not much more to say. Landfall of what ever is left of this system will be overnight tonight in southeast LA but it will most likely only be scattered showers and breezy conditions, much like you would see with a passing cold front. Except the humidity and moisture will be ridiculous. This will most likely be the last update on this system from me as It no longer appears to be a tropical system of any value. Thanks for stopping by! If you have any suggestions or comments I’d be happy to...

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Bonnie – Nightfall Update

This image was taken 35 minutes ago. A hot tower has developed near the center of TD Bonnie which shows it may be starting the process of trying to organize slightly. Now the system is very weak right now so the likelihood of it gaining much organization is pretty small but it looks like the system is not dead. A pressure of 1010 MB was just measured by recon a few minutes ago. A close eye will need to be kept on it overnight to see if convection starts to redevelop over the system. Conditions are not favorable for much intensification but its possible it could regain its Tropical Storm status if it can redevelop convection over the low level circulation. I’ll have more overnight. David...

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