Author: David Reimer

Extreme Drought Conditions Have Returned to parts of Texas

Temperatures over the last month may not have been behaving like a typical La Nina, but precipitation trends certainly have been. A very dry fall and winter have continued to cause intensifying drought conditions across a majority of the state. Three months ago, back on October 17, only four percent of Texas was considered to be in drought conditions. As of the newly released drought monitor shows that number has multiplied by ten to nearly forty-two percent. While Northeast Texas was the worst-off in late 2017, the Texas Panhandle, Northwest Texas, and West Texas have taken over that unwanted...

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#WeatherWednesday – Winter Precipitation Types

There is a lot that goes into forecasting winter weather in Texas. One complicated aspect of any forecast is trying to anticipate what precipitation type will be dominant during an event for a given location. There are four precipitation types we deal with regularly during winter weather events in the state. The two most common are rain and snow, but we also have to deal with sleet and freezing rain. Why do some locations receive freezing rain with temperatures in the 20s while other-times someone is getting snow at 32 degrees? Welcome to this week’s Weather Wednesday. This week’s...

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Conditions Deteriorating in South/Southeast Texas; Hard Freeze across Texas Tonight

Precipitation has come to an end across most of North Texas as drier air filters in from the north. Most of the D/FW Metroplex came by unscathed which matched up with the forecast fairly well (highest impacts south of Interstate 20). As usual, every winter weather event will have a surprise or two. One surprise was the drier air filtering in a tad more quickly into southern sections of North Texas, mainly keeping Waco to Temple drier than expected. You don’t have to look far to find impacts, however with Navarro County and now Austin experiencing dangerous road conditions....

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645AM: Winter Weather Spreading into South-Central and Southeast Texas This Morning

Drier air has filtered in from the north and shut off precipitation to most of the D/FW Metroplex. Road conditions are looking good and the worst stayed off to the south and to the east (Canton and points east, Corsicana and south). Very chilly conditions will continue today with temperatures in the 20s and wind chills in the single digits and teens. Get Texas road conditions at Road conditions, especially bridges/overpasses in Austin, San Antonio, east into the Brazos Valley, and Southeast Texas will go downhill this morning. Travel is discouraged if possible The freezing line currently extends...

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11:30 PM Winter Storm Nowcast & Short-Term Forecast Update

The freezing line extends from near Brady to Hillsboro to Athens to Tyler to Atlanta. Locations north of that line generally below freezing. Temperatures will continue to fall into the middle and upper 20s in the next three hours. The freezing line itself will continue to move south overnight. Precipitation will change over to sleet and eventually snow north of that freezing line. Light rain with occasional sleet will be possible south of the freezing line. Light to locally moderate snow is falling in Northeast Texas. Mount Pleasant to Texarkana is reporting snow with accumulations present. Road conditions are...

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