Widespread hit or miss rain chances will continue into at least Wednesday of the work week ahead.  This in turn will keep overall temperatures each day below seasonal normals for this time of the year for yet another stretch of days, but we expect that will come to a screeching halt by next weekend and into the final week of July.  More on that later this week with our “Baldy in Chief’s” daily forecast updates, but in the meantime, here’s how the start of this work week is expected to look from a rain and shower perspective.  This morning, we have draped across northern Texas a remnant outflow boundary from storms that developed yesterday evening across southwest Oklahoma.  The boundary drifted south of the Red River overnight settling in across the DFW metroplex which has been the source for scattered rain early this morning.  We expect this activity to wane as the day progresses, but with peak daytime heating later this afternoon, pop-up showers and storms will once again be possible across the north Texas region.  A weak front will also arrive by early Monday and continue to drift slowly south into central Texas over the next 48 hours eventually washing out just shy of the coastal bend region by late Tuesday into Wednesday if the current short range forecast models stay on track.  This weak frontal boundary coupled with a favorable northwest flow pattern in the upper levels will continue to be the source for widespread showers and pop up storms through at least Wednesday of this week.  Highest probability of rain over the next several days will be across central Texas, south of the I-20 corridor, into eastern Texas.  Southeast Texas will see its highest chance for scattered heavy rainfall by Tuesday.  Even parts of the panhandle down into far western Texas will see at least a slight chance for some daily pop up showers although coverage will be sparse.  Not bad at all for the middle of July!  Most of this rain activity is expected to wane by late week and we should see a much drier…and much hotter…weekend ahead.



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