We’re a state in two seasons this morning. At the time of this writing, a strong cold front was located from near Del Rio to Kyle to College Station to Marshall. Temperatures north of the cold front quickly fall into the 30s and 40s with gusty north winds. South of the front temperatures and dewpoint values are both in either the 60s or 70s. Those still in that warm airmass should cherish it while it lasts. If you’re in Texas, that warm airmass will be gone by dinner time.

Snow this morning in the northern Panhandle

Light snow will continue to move east across the north Texas Panhandle this morning. It is generally remaining north of Interstate 40. Those north of a Dalhart to Spearman to Lipscomb line could get between one-half inch up to two inches of snow accumulation. This is a minor winter weather event, but anything that does fall could stick to roads. Be mindful of slick conditions. The snow will be out of the picture by lunchtime, but temperatures may struggle to get above freezing today.

Isolated stronger storm possible around lunch-time in far Southeast Texas

A simulated weather radar from the high resolution rapid refresh model through this morning and into the early afternoon.

Simulated weather radar from the high-resolution rapid refresh model through this morning and into the early afternoon.

For the most part, our strong cold front is coming in like a lamb. Well, at least in the thunderstorm department. Those in Far East Texas south into the Golden Triangle of the Upper Texas Coast may have to deal with a few stronger thunderstorms late this morning and into the early afternoon hours. As usual, during the winter season, we’re on the ‘starting line’ for a more robust severe weather threat. Storms probably won’t be able to get too intense before they move into Lousiana. However, we can’t rule out some hail and localized damaging wind gusts for a little while around lunch. We’ll be done with the threat of thunderstorms by 3 PM. That will not be the case farther east.

Level 3 severe weather threat in Lousiana, Mississippi, and western Alabama Today

A level three risk of severe weather is in place from Central Lousiana northeast into a good chunk of Mississippi and West Alabama. While we will be missing out on the storms in Texas, our neighbors to our east won’t be so lucky. A broken line of severe thunderstorms will likely bring damaging straight-line winds and tornadoes to the states mentioned above later today. Storms will be booking it off to the east/northeast, as well. Jason Cooley is planning on chasing out in Dixie Alley today, so we’ll be sharing updates from him later on.

Cold front’s timing today

The cold front is a little ahead of schedule this morning, so we continue to expect it’ll push through the remainder of Texas by dinner-time. As stated above, a quick drop in temperatures along with gusty north winds can be expected upon the front’s arrival at any given location. Those in the 60s and 70s this morning will be in the 30s and 40s this afternoon. Deep South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley are going to make another run at 90 degrees this afternoon. They’ll be 45 degrees colder by Tuesday morning and dropping into the 30s for Wednesday morning. Keep in mind those gusty north winds today will make it feel even colder outside. Don’t forget to secure your outdoor Christmas decorations! We don’t need inflatables flying across town, also if it would be amusing to witness.

Chilly Tuesday with the coldest to come Wednesday morning.

Tomorrow will be relatively normal in the temperature department for December, perhaps a few degrees below average for some. The coldest temperatures will be Wednesday morning as skies clear, winds calm, and a very dry airmass settles in. That’s a good recipe for radiational cooling. When taking into account the local definition of ‘cold’ across various parts of Texas, I can confidently say it’s going to be cold Wednesday morning. The freezing line will probably make it to the Gulf Coast in spots and well into South Texas. Those in the northern seventy-five percent of Texas will bottom out in either the teens or twenties Wednesday morning. A slow warm-up will begin on Wednesday and continue through the end of the workweek.