Good morning and welcome to July 4, 2019 – Independence Day! Today’s forecast won’t feature any strange or mysterious things with a summer weather pattern well established. That summer pattern means our main excitement here in Texas will be varying afternoon ‘popup’ thunderstorm chances. We had plenty of those popcorn storms yesterday, but with the ridge aloft building back closer to Texas today, we’ll see lower thunderstorm chances.

Isolated to scattered thunderstorms will be possible later this morning into the afternoon hours in Northeast Texas and East Texas. Isolated showers will be possible farther west into North Texas, Central Texas, and in Southeast Texas. The number of storms should be fewer today compared to the last several days.

Simulated weather model radar from 10 AM this morning through 9 PM this evening. This is only a simulation meant to convey the general ‘coverage’ of thunderstorms. Don’t expect this model to have the ‘popup’ storm locations down to the blade of grass in your yard.

Those popup storms should be decreasing in coverage by 6 PM, and only one or two should still exist by 9 PM. Firework shows this evening should be good to go. Gusty outflow winds are possible near and at a distance from storms – so those on area lakes should be mindful of unexpected gusty winds.

We do note that isolated thunderstorms may impact portions of the Texas Panhandle, West Texas, and in the Trans-Pecos this evening. Those would be few and far between – but a hazard to those outdoors with mother nature providing her own fireworks.

Those not impacted by the rain-cooled outflow from thunderstorms will be heating up into the typical July warmth we expect in Texas. Temperatures will be in the 90s this afternoon. It’ll be toasty, but nothing strange for July. Those who do end up getting rain-cooled outflow will have temperatures fall into the 70s to lower 80s.

Temperatures by the early evening should be falling into the 80s to lower 90s. Again, those who get rain-cooled air from thunderstorms will probably be around 80 degrees. You’ll want bug spray, but overall temperatures will be pretty pleasant for the evening events.

If you’re like me you’ll also be visiting the upside down at some point today. Temperatures will be rather warm with lots of humidity. Dense fog will also be possible, especially in proximity to any underground Demogorgon lares. An outbreak of various Demogorgon-induced creatures will be possible – and could lead to a particularly dangerous situation. Stay aware and be ready to act if you come under threat.

Whether you’re heading outdoors or staying inside binge-watching Stranger Things, have a great July 4th and a big thank you to members of our armed services for making this day possible.