‘Tis the season for tropical mischief. We’re monitoring the northeastern Gulf of Mexico this week as there is an increasing potential that we’ll see a tropical depression or tropical storm develop. That doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly have a mega-super-duper intense hurricane, but we will likely see an unsettled period of weather (heavy rain, gusty winds, increased surf, etc) across portions of the Gulf Coast (in general, not specifically in Texas).

At this time the probabilities of this potential development directly impacting Texas are low. However, this is a good time to remind those along the Gulf Coast – from Texas to Florida – that hurricane season is here.

If this system does become a Tropical Storm it would be named ‘Barry’. Those with interests along the northern Gulf Coast should monitor forecasts this week. Those from eastern Lousiana to the Florida Panhandle have the ‘highest’ probability of being impacted by whatever this system becomes. However, I’m not willing to completely discount the potential of the system moving a bit farther west. Until it actually develops weather model guidance won’t have a great handle on the eventual path.

We’ll start discussing our tropical mischief in much more detail beginning tomorrow. (Hint: do you have the free Texas Storm Chasers app? If not, click on the banner on the top of this page).