Thunderstorms have increased in coverage over the last hour across western Southeast Texas, South-Central Texas, and into the Coastal Plains. Several of these storms are severe with threats including quarter to golfball size hail and wind gusts over 65 MPH. The more intense storms (Sealy and Gonzales) may have winds over 70 MPH and have a history of downing trees. The threat of severe weather along Interstate 35 is decreasing. Once the storm in San Antonio moves off to the east that should end the threat for San Antonio. Austin is clear.

Storms are generally moving more southeasterly now around 30 MPH. Given the increasing number of storms, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start to congeal over the next hour. If that indeed occurs we may see the threat of damaging straight-line winds continue until storms move off-shore later this evening. The strongest storms will remain capable of downing trees and producing wind damage. Hail will continue to be common with stronger storms too, although I believe damaging straight-line winds will be the most common hazard from this point on.

Southwestern portions of the Houston metro (Richmond to Alvin to Galveston) could be impacted by one particularly nasty looking storm over the next one to two hours. It has a history of producing wind damage and winds over 70 MPH are probable.

New storms are quickly firing up from just south of George West to Alice. Those are moving east around 20 MPH and are now severe-warned. Quarter size hail and wind gusts over 60 MPH are expected with the most intense portions of those storms. They will likely impact Robstown, Corpus Christi, Portland, and Rockport by 8 PM.

The threat of severe weather will end for the Coastal Bend, Coastal Plains, and Southeast Texas by 10 PM as storms move off the coast. Stay weather aware and when thunder roars go indoors. You can keep tabs on the storms with our free HD interactive weather radar here.