Now that we’re winding down today’s severe weather event we can begin to talk about the damage. We’ve heard of four to five separate potential tornadoes today. The most impactful tornado seems to be the one that impacted Robertson and Leon counties this morning. This potentially long-track tornado produced significant damage in Franklin along with multiple injuries. Several National Weather Service teams will head out on Sunday to survey the damage. Those survey teams will determine if the damage was caused by tornadoes or straight-line winds. They’ll then estimate the maximum winds of each event along with the start point, end point, peak width, and overall path length.

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth already has a team on the way to Robertson County. That means we may hear a preliminary tornado damage rating later this evening. I expect it’ll take a few days for all the various damage locations to be surveyed. We’ll begin compiling those surveys onto a map once the results begin to arrive. Once each NWS office releases their survey plans we’ll be sure to pass them along. I’m aware of damage in Houston, Cherokee, Nacogdoches, and perhaps San Augustine counties in addition to Robinson and Leon counties. Based on radar signatures and storm spotter reports I expect we’ll have several different tornadoes confirmed in the coming days. Alto, Texas was impacted by two separate tornadoes.