A line of strong thunderstorms has rapidly developed over the last 30 minutes from Cooper to Kaufman to Ennis to West. The line as a whole is moving east at about 45 MPH. The strongest storms are currently capable of producing dime size hail, but conditions are favorable for some storms to become severe with hail up to the size of half-dollars. We’re not sure if these storms are going to be able to produce damaging winds, but I certainly wouldn’t out wind gusts up to 45 MPH at the moment.

We may see the line ‘unzip’ a bit farther south into the Brazos Valley in a few hours, but the threat of severe weather seems to be highest (relatively) with the storms moving into East Texas. All storms tonight are producing frequent cloud to ground lightning and brief heavy rain. The threat for severe weather should decrease after 4-5AM as storms begin to weaken. You can keep up with the storms using our free HD interactive weather radar here.