Texas will be doing her Texas thing again this weekend with a wide range of temperatures and conditions across the state.  A cold front moved in yesterday, but is making slow progress south and will wash out before reaching the coast.  This will leave north and northeast Texas on the cool side, more typical for February, and the southern and coastal zones much warmer and more reminiscent of late Spring.  A fine example of how we can see all the seasons at one time in our great state!  The main concerns this weekend will be the high fire danger out west which will be fueled by low humidity, increasing temps through the day and strong west winds.  Blowing dust will also be a concern for travelers…or anyone who likes to breathe.  Not a good weekend for an outdoor BBQ, even with the temps warming back up again…and please be extra careful to avoid any activity which could spark a grassfire. 

Rainfall will be hard to come by this weekend, but we’ll see those chances increase for areas mainly along and east of I-35 as we get into the work week ahead.  The northern Panhandle will see chances for snow early on in the week with impacts to travel looking minimal at this time. The exception to that looks to be across the far northwestern portions of the panhandle and up into the western OK panhandle where snowfall amounts will be highest.   For the remainder of the state, next Tuesday looks to bring the greatest chance of seeing precipitation along and east of the I-35 corridor.  A wintry mix may fall across portions of western north Texas, but the remainder of north central, northeast and eastern Texas will see just cold rain to make for a very dreary start to the work week.