Minimal to low weather impacts are anticipated across Texas through the remainder of the weekend and Christmas Eve. For Christmas Day proper we’re expecting fairly warm temperatures, southerly winds, and the chance of light showers as we see moisture levels increase ahead of our next potent storm system. Unfortunately, that potent storm system is going to bring the potential of impactful weather the day after Christmas, on Wednesday the 26th. Impressive moisture levels and abundant upper-level lift should allow for a fairly good soaker across the eastern half of Texas on Wednesday and Wednesday Night. We should be rid of this system by Thursday, although that would change if model data slows the system down in the coming days.

Since we’re five days away we’re still honing in on the specifics of our upcoming system. This is a simple ‘heads up’ that we’re anticipating thunderstorms on Wednesday into Wednesday Night across the eastern half of Texas. Some thunderstorms may be strong to severe. The specific threats will be determined as we get closer to Wednesday, but all modes of severe weather do seem possible at this point. We’ll be able to refine the specific threat levels once we’re closer.

Now let’s have a heart to heart. I have no doubt that some of you are having flashbacks of December 26, 2015. I held off writing about Wednesday’s storm threat because I myself was concerned about bringing up bad memories. We are not trying to stir up those memories or cause anxiety. On the contrary, we’re simply trying to give an early heads-up that thunderstorms are expected on Wednesday. Some of those storms may be strong. Check back in the coming days for the latest forecast for Wednesday. Don’t let this ruin your Christmas, because Christmas Day itself will not feature any severe weather. A lot of folks will be traveling the day after Christmas and that’s when we are going to want folks keeping an eye on the weather.