Our next strong cold front has arrived across the panhandle region this morning and will continue to work its way south/southeast today.  As of this writing, the front is positioned from just east of Childress down to just south of Lubbock and over towards Hobbs just across the New Mexico border.  The front is not moving terrifically fast, but will make steady progress into north central Texas after sunset this evening and continue to move south overnight reaching central Texas after midnight and enter our coastal zones by Sunday afternoon. Ahead of the front, we have a gorgeous day on tap with mild temps and a decent amount of sunshine before clouds move in behind the front.  A great day to get out and about for sure!

Rain chances will increase along the front as it arrives in north central Texas this evening…mainly in the form of a few scattered showers.  Coastal south central and southeast Texas will have much better chances at seeing rain increasing late tonight, tomorrow and through Monday with more abundant moisture residing across this southern portion of the state.  Severe weather is not expected, but a few storms could become slightly stronger right along the coast.  Here’s a look at the latest simulated forecast radar starting at 6pm this evening through Monday Monday evening.

Simulated Radar 6pm This Evening Through 6pm Monday Evening

We also have a slight chance at seeing freezing drizzle developing behind the front overnight across parts of the panhandle region.  The near-surface air is pretty dry and it will be difficult for any precip, freezing or otherwise, to survive all the way to the surface, but it’s a chance worth mentioning.  If freezing drizzle does develop overnight, panhandle residents could see a Sunday morning risk of icy patches on bridges and other elevated surfaces.  Be sure to check local media before heading out the door tomorrow morning for church, work or errands.