The first of several days of thunderstorm chances begins tonight. Thunderstorms have begun developing in eastern Colorado. We’ll see activity build south into northeastern New Mexico over the coming hours. Storms will tend to congeal into one or more complexes by the early evening hours. As storms congeal into clusters their primary hazard should become straight-line winds. Some wind gusts may exceed 60 MPH.

Simulated model radar for this evening. The animation begins at 8 PM CT and continues hourly through 4 AM Wednesday.

Thunderstorms could begin moving into the northwestern Texas Panhandle around 9 PM. These storms may be producing wind gusts of 50 to 70 MPH as they slowly move southeast. The highest probability of damaging wind gusts will be in the northwestern Texas Panhandle this evening. Storms should weaken by midnight with the potential of gusty winds continuing. Additional storms may fire up overnight across the Texas Panhandle. The highest chance of rain should be along and north of Interstate 40.

Another round of thunderstorms are possible Wednesday and Wednesday Night. Like today initial thunderstorm development is expected to occur in New Mexico and Colorado. Storms will grow upscale into one or more complexes. They’ll move southeast into the Texas Panhandle and West Texas tomorrow evening. Localized wind gusts over 60 MPH along with marginally severe hail will be possible. In addition to the severe hazards, some heavy rainfall and localized flooding could occur. We’ll be able to get more specific on all of those hazards once we get through tonight.