Pop-up late morning and afternoon showers and storms will be the main highlight for this weekend’s forecast.  Along with the chances for rain will be slightly cooler temps in part due to outflow from nearby rain showers during the afternoon hours and the increase in cloud cover.  Severe weather is not expected, but some of the storms could produce some gusty outflow winds as the individual storms cells rain themselves out and collapse.  Because of this threat, boaters on area lakes will need to keep an eye on nearby storms and be prepared to seek shelter should anything pop-up within close range.  Rainfall amounts overall are not expected to be all that fabulous, but if you end up under one of the heavier cells, your yard could pick up a good 1/4 inch or so fairly quickly.  The same scenario is expected to play out on Sunday as well with storms beginning to pop up by late morning/early afternoon, then diminishing after sunset and loss of daytime heat.  Here’s a look at how the radar may play out today.  Keep in mind that this is just a forecast model, so don’t get too fixated on the exact location of any storms.