Despite a weak cool front arriving overnight into Monday, temps will continue to climb as we head through the work week. Wednesday and Thursday look to be the warmest days of the week with temps soaring into the mid 80s to low 90s across the western half of the state.  Thankfully, we will not be dealing with any threat of severe storms for the next several days, but by mid-week, we will be dealing with the potential for Critical to Extreme wildfire conditions once again across much of the Texas panhandle and portions of western Texas.  By Wednesday, sustained winds are forecast in the 20-25 mph range with gusts up to 35mph.  Thursday looks to be the most critical of the week with the forecast calling for strong west winds gusting between 40 and 50mph and dewpoints in the low teens to single digits across much of the panhandle region.  Forecast highs for both days will soar to near record-breaking levels which will only add to fuel to an already volatile situation.  Pretty much all you’d have to do is think about fire and grass will ignite, so definitely a very dangerous situation with the potential for yet another week of explosive wildfire development. The latest Drought Monitor, released this past Thursday, continues to paint a grim picture for these regions of the state with Exceptional Drought conditions now creeping into the region.  The rainfall forecast for this week is equally as grim with no rainfall expected across a majority of the panhandle and western Texas regions through next Sunday.  We can’t stress this enough…please be cautious with anything that could cause a spark or flame.

A look at the current 5-day temperature outlook….