Jason is pictured presenting to the Exxon Mobil annuitants club on Tuesday afternoon, giving one of many talks that have been scheduled so far this year.

Texas Storm Chasers believes in the importance of education on severe weather and are making great strides in reaching out and making a difference! We realize here in Texas, transplants are arriving from all areas of the country – some that aren’t so familiar with our crazy weather.

Severe Weather Education can be daunting with so much information flying around. We take that complexity and make it simple with our team of experienced weather enthusiasts, utilizing the most trusted resources of information.

Presentations are customized for the youngest and oldest of minds, a collaboration of information that’s both educational and entertaining! For 2018 we are now booked for nearly every week between now and the end of May, with room in the remainder of the year.

If you’ve been considering bringing in something fresh and fun for your classroom, monthly meeting, quarterly organization gathering, summer camp or just for a topic in general: please visit our dedicated speaker request page for more information and to contact Chelsea Burnett for scheduling.