Snow in Southeast Texas is about as rare as a non-existent spring severe weather season in Texas. They don’t happen very often. That’s why it is somewhat unusual to be talking about a chance of snow in Southeast Texas tonight; about a month after accumulating snowfall. Yet as we’ve seen many times before, Mother Nature does not keep track of the calendar. There is indeed a chance of snow for a few hours later this evening in Southeast Texas. Widespread snow is not expected, so this is going to be a ‘hit or miss’ type situation. Should we even see snow develop it would likely be about 30 to 50 miles wide as it moves from north to south – and eventually offshore.

Model Simulated Radar for this evening. Don’t expect events to play out exactly as shown here. The “pinks” may indicate very light freezing drizzle or may not even reach the ground depending on how much dry air remains in place.

  • The chance for snow will be in a short-duration window from about 8-9PM through 1 AM this evening.
  • This will not be a widespread ‘everyone gets snow’ event for Southeast Texas – and we might not see anything more than snow flurries. Some sleet may also occur and we’ll have to watch for any freezing drizzle.
  • If the upper-level lift is a bit stronger than forecast we could see some locations receive a brief period of ‘heavier’ snowfall.
  • Snow accumulations will be very light, from nothing to a dusting. A few locations could receive one-half inch of snow, with one inch of snow in a spot or two if we do see heavier snow bands develop.
  • If we do see any winter precipitation this evening it should be moving off-shore by 1 AM.
  • Keep an eye on bridges and overpasses tonight if precipitation is falling. It won’t take much to create a few slick spots. Any heavier bursts of sleet or snow could cause travel conditions to deteriorate rapidly if we see those small enhanced bands develop, so keep tuned for updates this evening.

We’ll be keeping an eye on trends. Remember that the cold airmass over the past several days means anything that falls could result in some slick bridges.