Those of you located behind the southward advancing cold front this morning can attest it has brought quite a bit of wind with it. Winds have been gusting over 40 MPH in a few spots this morning. Temperatures generally have fallen into the 40s and 50s along with those gusty north winds.

The cold front will continue to move south at a decent clip today and should be moving through the Concho Valley, Central Texas, and knocking on the door of the Brazos Valley by lunchtime. It is entirely possible the front arrives a tad earlier if it continues to push south at a quicker rate.

You’ll know the cold front has arrived. Winds will start gusting quite noticeably out of the north and surface temperatures will begin to fall. If the front arrives at your location this afternoon you’ll see temperatures fall from the 80s down into the 60s. High temperatures may actually occur earlier in the day.

By the late afternoon, the cold front should be moving off the Southeast Texas coast and making its way into Deep South Texas. We can’t rule out a few quick-hitting showers in Southeast Texas as the front moves through this afternoon, but coverage should remain below 30%. Severe thunderstorms are not expected. Those who do receive rainfall won’t get anywhere close to seeing amounts conducive to flash flooding.

Gusty north winds today should start to decrease some after sunset. While far from the coldest temperatures we’ve experienced this fall – thanks to that rather potent early season cold snap a few weeks ago – we will see temperatures fall into the 20s, 30s, and 40s across most of Texas. We’ll see local variations in temperatures, but overall a majority of the Texas Panhandle and West Texas should see a freeze tonight. Sheltered locations as far southeast as western North Texas and the Concho Valley could see a freeze as well. South Texas into the Coastal Bend will bottom out in the lower 50s tonight with middle to upper 50s in the Rio Grande Valley.

Looking ahead we’ll stay on the cool side on Sunday, but start a slow warm-up by Monday. We could see a quick hitting cool front on Wednesday. At this point, Thanksgiving and the Friday after are looking like they’ll feature warm weather with partly cloudy to sunny skies. Model data has been hinting at a cold front by the upcoming weekend, but we’re still too far time-wise to get any sort of idea nailed down.