Yesterday’s cold front has cleared the coast leaving much cooler temps in its wake overnight. Chilly conditions are present across the panhandle and northern Texas this morning with temps currently in the upper 30s to 40s.  Definitely sweater weather!  Central Texas residents are waking up to temps in the 50s, and coastal residents are waking up to temps in the 60s.  As always, it takes a bit longer for the cooler and drier air to work its way south towards the coast.  Highs today will be mild and pleasant across the state with much of the state seeing readings in the 70s by later this afternoon.  It also will not be quite as windy as yesterday.  Coastal residents will end up a bit warmer but dry fall air will make it feel quite pleasant outside today.  We’ll be mostly rain-free except for a few scattered showers today across the south Texas.  For tonight, lows will end up being slightly warmer than this morning as southerly winds begin to return to the state.

Unfortunately, these cool fall temps will only be paying us a short visit this time around.  We’ll warm up pretty quickly as we head into the latter part of the work week, and we’ll be back up into the 80s and low 90s by the time we get into the weekend ahead.  All hope it not lost, though, as we are getting into that time of the year when we see cold fronts moving in on a more regular basis.  Our next front is expected to arrive this coming Sunday and it will bring another chance for rain and showers along with it as well as the return of below-normal temps for the start of next week!