Folks this morning are waking up to some cooler temperatures thanks to a cold front that moved through yesterday.  It made good progress yesterday and overnight and has now cleared the central and upper coasts and is making its way into deep south Texas this morning. Behind the front, mild temperatures will prevail today along with much less humidity and mostly clear skies.  Any rain chances today will be well south along the coast, so overall a very nice day weather-wise for just about everyone! We’ll see temps slowly increase a bit as we head towards the weekend, nothing too substantial, but we’ll see mid to upper 80s across the western half of the state by Friday.  The eastern half of the state will remain in the low to mid 80s for the next couple of days and humidity levels will stay low.  Rain chances will also remain very low with chances for showers and storms Friday and over the weekend across parts of the panhandle. Pretty much everywhere else will remain rain-free!

Tropics Update:  Hurricane Irma remains a Category 5, the highest on the Saffir-Simpson scale with sustained winds at 185mph.  Irma passed over the island of St. Martin overnight and is currently making a run at Anguilla…then Puerto Rico later today.  Irma is still projected to make a sharp northern turn by early Sunday with impacts to Florida and the Florida Keys highly likely by the end of the weekend.

The depression we’ve been watching for a few days in the southwestern Gulf has developed into Tropical Storm Katia overnight.  Katia is NOT expected to have any impact along the Texas Gulf coast except for bringing a few showers and larger waves across deep south Texas over the next couple of days.