The long-awaited cold front has moved through the panhandle and is now entering north Texas.  This front will be slow-moving and will take its time moving south over the next 24 to 48 hours before it finally stalls across south central Texas and dissipates.  Temperatures behind the front today will be quite cool with highs only in the 60s across the panhandle region.  South of the frontal boundary across western and southwestern Texas, temps will also be cooler thanks to cloud cover and ongoing rain.  For areas along and east of the I-35 corridor, we’ll still be dealing with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s until the front can push a bit further south and east over the next couple of days.

Rain chances continue for parts of the panhandle region and the western half of the state again today.  We’re seeing a little bit of a lull in activity this morning for all except northwest Texas, but rain chances are expected to pick back up again by this afternoon with scattered to widespread rainfall through the evening and overnight hours.  Far western Texas will see the chance for isolated strong to severe storms later this afternoon with hail and damaging winds being the main threats.  Elsewhere, just a few rumbles of thunder and severe weather chances remaining low.  Flash flooding will remain a concern across the western half of the state through tomorrow.  It won’t be raining all that time at any particular location, but brief periods of excessive rainfall over the next 24-48 hours will likely result in periods of flooding along roadways, across fields and along creeks and rivers.

Here’s a look at how the radar may shape up today and into the early overnight hours.  Keep in mind this is just a forecast model and not live radar.