Unprecedented flooding continues to impact the Houston metro area this morning.  911 operators are overwhelmed and have called in the Coast Guard for assistance with search and rescue.  Over 1,000 rescues took place over night, and there’s some areas which rescue workers cannot reach due to impassable roads. Most of the major metroplex highways are shut down as well as Hobby airport.  The city’s mayor is asking residents to not get out and drive anywhere unless it’s a dire emergency.  For residents whose are trapped in homes with rapidly rising waters, emergency management officials are recommending heading to the roof rather than inside your attic. If you must head to the attic, take an axe with you so you can break through your roof if the floodwaters reach the highest floor in your home.

The forecast for the remainder of the day across the area calls for additional bands of heavy rain as Harvey remains nearly stationary.  There may be a small break in the rain later today, but additional storm development this afternoon and overnight is likely.  Additional rainfall between 15-25 inches is likely over the next several days…which will go beyond devastating at that point. It’s highly likely that we’ll see parts of Houston go completely underwater before we’re done wth this storm.  Here’s a look at the latest animated model forecast for the next 18 hours.  Keep in mind this is not live radar….

Harvey is currently about 50 miles east of San Antonio and remained nearly stationary overnight. The current NHC forecast track for Harvey has it looping back around to the southeast again, possibly emerging at least partially out into the Gulf again before moving off to the northeast by the middle of the week ahead. Regardless of the exact track of the storm, life threatening flooding will continue across southeast Texas for the next several days.