I’ll go ahead and answer your question now. We’ll see heat advisories issued if air temperature or heat index values look like they’re going to exceed 105-108 degrees over a multi-day period. The threshold for a heat advisory is slightly different across the state, but it does look like we’ll hit it this weekend across the eastern one-third of Texas. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be hot no-matter what part of the state you’re in. However, the combination of high dew point values and very warm temperatures will create heat index values that may approach 110 degrees in parts of Southeast Texas on Saturday and Sunday.

The weather forecast today through the weekend can be described in one word. HAWT! Peak afternoon temperatures will range from the middle 90s to lower 100s. It’ll be hot and unpleasant, but not record-breaking. It’ll be the high moisture values that bring the oppressive heat index values across North Texas, Central Texas, East Texas, and Southeast Texas this weekend. The only relief may be isolated afternoon storms in Southeast Texas and South Texas. Rain chances will be below 20 percent.

There is some indication that the upper-level heat ridge will partially retreat back west again next week. Should that shift occur we could see low-end storm chances shift back west and north along with slightly lower temperatures. Its summer and we’re in Texas. It’ll be hot through September.