A heatwave is looming with several days of triple digit heat – both in observed temperatures and with heat index values. Obviously, heat isn’t unusual for a Texas summer. However, this upcoming pattern looks like it will support an extended period of hot and relatively dry weather. It isn’t the day-time temperatures that can cause problems in the long-run, it is the lack of overnight recovery. Low temperatures just before sunrise from Thursday onward into next week look to range from the middle 70s to middle 80s. That means temperatures will remain in the 80s with heat index values in the 90s for the eastern half of Texas well into the night-time hours. Those susceptible to the heat, such as the elderly or those without air conditioning, are the main concern during heat waves like this upcoming one. I know that folks tend to make fun of the heat, but these are the conditions that really can cause health emergencies.

I won’t bore or dramatize heat tips to you. If you’re reading this blog you probably already have a good idea on how not to get yourself admitted to the hospital for a heat stroke. Just keep an eye on those who may not be able to take as good care of themselves. High temperatures by Thursday and continuing into next week will tend to range from the middle 90s into the 100s. Heat index values will be 10 to 15 degrees above the observed temperature where humidity values are highest. This pattern looks to continue into next week, but there are hints that we may be dealing with it through the remainder of July. Once again, most will just laugh off the heat, but there are those who don’t have air conditioning or are more susceptible to the heat. We may still see isolated to widely scattered storms during this period across parts of East Texas and Southeast Texas, but daily storm chances will likely remain low.