The National Weather Service in Shreveport has confirmed two tornadoes impacted East Texas during the late afternoon hours on May 28, 2017. These tornadoes were produced by a high-precipitation supercell that was morphing into a significant/widespread damaging wind event. In addition to being rain-wrapped these tornadoes were accompanied by widespread straight-line wind gusts over 65 to 75 MPH. A significant area of straight-line wind damage was found in De Berry, Texas with winds estimated to have reached 90 MPH. The strongest tornado has been rated an EF-1 with estimated sustained winds up to 105 MPH. It traveled nearly 11 miles and was nearly half a mile wide at times as it impacted Longview. A shorter lived and weaker tornado impacted areas around Easton, Texas. Additional areas not included in this survey no doubt suffered straight-line wind damage, but only the most intense areas of wind damage are surveyed – and especially those considered to possibly be tornadic in nature. After the conclusion of the storm’s tornadic phase it became a significant straight-line wind producer across several counties of East Texas before moving into Louisiana.

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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Shreveport La
558 PM CDT Mon May 29 2017

...NWS Damage Survey For May 28, 2017 Tornado Events...

.Tornado # 1 Longview TX in Gregg County...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    105 MPH
Path Length /Statute/:  10.71 Miles
Path Width /Maximum/:   800 Yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             May 28, 2017
Start Time:             4:53 pm CDT
Start Location:         6 miles northwest of Longview, TX
Start Lat/Lon:          32.5501 / -94.8205

End Date:               May 28, 2017
End Time:               5:03 pm CDT
End Location:           4 miles south-southeast of Longview, TX
End_Lat/Lon:            32.4359 / -94.7053

Survey Summary:
A strong EF-1 tornado touched down along Pine Tree Road just north
of West Cheryl Street northwest of Longview. The tornado proceeded
south-southeast through the Tenneryville area knocking down
numerous trees in the area. The tornado went just west of the Pine
Tree ISD Campus and continued southeast towards Highway 80 uprooting
and twisting numerous trees with several landing on homes. The
tornado continued southeast towards Greggton where it damaged a few
homes along Willow Springs Drive. The tornado crossed Highway 31 and
the West Loop 281 where it began to turn more to the east-southeast.
The tornado caused the most visible damage along its path where it
collapsed a steel dome owned by Komatsu. The tornado continued to the
southeast causing mainly tree damage and then lifted along Huntsman
Way south of I-20.

.Tornado # 2 In and near Easton, TX in Gregg and Rusk Counties...

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated Peak Wind:    90 MPH
Path Length /Statute/:  4.86 Miles
Path Width /Maximum/:   400 Yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             May 28, 2017
Start Time:             5:07 pm CDT
Start Location:         2 miles west of Easton, TX
Start Lat/Lon:          32.3836 / -94.6214

End Date:               May 28, 2017
End Time:               5:12 pm CDT
End Location:           2.8 miles east of Easton, TX
End_Lat/Lon:            32.3718 / -94.5444

Survey Summary:
A weak EF-1 tornado touched down 2 miles west of Easton along
Highway 2906 where it began to uproot trees. The tornado continued
east along Highway 2906 knocking down several trees with the most
noticeable damage in the city of Easton. Several trees were uprooted
on homes there. Numerous more trees were uprooted along County Road
2210 heading east out of Easton before the tornado lifted about 3
miles east of Easton. The tornadic storm transitioned into a very
long-lasting straight-line wind event here.

EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale classifies
tornadoes into the following categories.

EF0...Weak......65 TO 85 MPH
EF1...Weak......86 TO 110 MPH
EF2...Strong....111 TO 135 MPH
EF3...Strong....136 TO 165 MPH
EF4...Violent...166 TO 200 MPH
EF5...Violent...>200 MPH