A cold front is moving south through north Texas this morning and is expected to push into central Texas, south of the I-20 corridor by this afternoon.  Areas along and south of the cold front will see chances for strong to severe storms this afternoon as the cap weakens and the cold front arrives.  Strong instability will be in place, but the limiting factor for more significant severe weather will be the overall lack of upper air support.  Still, we will see clusters of storms with the potential for large hail and damaging winds later this afternoon and evening…and into the overnight hours as well. The tornado threat is low, but is non-zero and could be enhanced by outflow boundaries from nearby storm clusters.  The Storm Prediction Center has placed a Slight Risk (Level 2) across much of east, central and southwest Texas for this afternoon.  With this being a holiday weekend with lots of folks camping and enjoying other outdoor activities, folks within the Slight and Marginal risk areas will need to keep tabs on the weather later today and during the overnight hours and have a place to seek shelter should storms develop in your area.

Highs today behind the front will be much more pleasant than we saw yesterday.  Ahead of the front, we’ll still be dealing with very humid conditions and dangerous Heat Index values, especially for folks in south Texas where heat indices will max out between 105 and 109. Staying indoors during peak heating, or finding shade and drinking plenty of water if you have to be outdoors today, will be your best beat for enduring the heat!