Any time you can get quiet weather in early May in Texas it’s a Blessing…and that’s what we’ll have through the weekend as we remain under the influence of high pressure.  Our skies will be clear and aside from some breezy conditions later today across the western half of the state, conditions will be darn near perfect.  Highs today will climb into the low 90s across the western half of the state where the airmass is much drier and humidity levels will be much lower today.  For the eastern half of the state where we’ll have a bit more moisture and humidity, we’ll see highs only climb into the low to mid 80s.  For Sunday’s forecast, much the same with temperatures climbing a few degrees, but nothing too extreme.

Rain and storm chances will return early next week as high pressure moves over to the east as an upper level low approaches from the west.  This low is expected to become cut off from the main upper level flow for a few days which means it will stick around and generate chances for rain and storms beginning across the western half of the state for a few days…and we’ll see rain chances shift eastward as we get towards the middle of next week.  Right now, it appears our best chances for severe weather will arrive Wednesday afternoon across parts of the eastern panhandle and western north Texas, then again on Thursday across parts of north central and northeast Texas.  This forecast is not certain and we’re sure to see a few modifications to the forecast in the coming days, but it does look like we’ll return to a weather pattern more typical for this time of the year.  As always, we’ll keep an eye on the severe threats and will keep you up to date as the forecast develops.