We didn’t think the cap would break this afternoon, and it didn’t. The cap decided to wait until the early evening to break just east of Highway 75 from McKinney to Bonham. So far we have two supercellular storms that have developed. These storms are booking it off to the northeast at 45 MPH. They have a history of producing quarter size hail in Princeton (eastern Collin County). It is unclear on how long these storms will survive before the cap smacks them back down. It seems reasonable that they’ll still be trotting along for at least another hour.

The southern storm in eastern Collin county will move over Highway 69 near Leonard and Celeste. After that it may impact Wolfe City to Ladonia in southern Fannin county. The northern storm is near Honey Grove and is looking a bit weaker over the last ten minutes. Both these storms are moving northeast at 45 MPH with a threat of large hail and localized damaging winds. We’ll keep an eye out just in case any new storms are able to pop up. However, new attempts at development near Richardson have not succeeded. This may be a sign that the cap is starting to strengthen again.