The environment across east and southeast Texas continues to be ripe for additional strong to severe storm development, including a couple of strong tornadoes.  A PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) Tornado WATCH is in effect for portions of east/southeast Texas until 9pm this evening.  Storms along the advancing squall line have a history of producing strong damaging winds and hail along with a few radar-indicated tornadoes…but additional tornado development cannot be ruled out.  Storms that develop out ahead of the squall line for the remainder of the afternoon and early evening will be the ones to watch closely with the highest potential for producing tornadoes, including strong tornados.  It’s uncertain what impact from tornadoes we will see across east and southeast Texas this afternoon. So far, only a few of the storms out ahead of the line this afternoon have been warned with “radar indicated” tornadoes, but as we’re heading into peak heating, and as moisture and instability continue to increase across the area, there is high potential for additional development within the PDS Tornado Watch area across east Texas, before the bulk of the storms move east and into Louisiana.  We continue to urge residents in the area to monitor local media and have a way to receive weather warnings should any be issued for your location.

Below, we have a couple of simulated radar graphics for how the radar may shape up over the next several hours.