When Texas does weather, it does it in extremes.  That’s what we’ll be dealing as a strong arctic front plummets temps 40+ degrees between Friday evening and Saturday evening. By Sunday morning, it will feel like the north pole has relocated across our state!  Highs on Friday will be as high as 25 degrees above average, but by Sunday once the cold front has fully infiltrated the state, we’ll be seeing highs a good 25 degrees below average.  That’s Texas style!  This arctic front will be quite strong and many areas will see temperatures drop over 30 degrees within a very short amount of time.  The front is expected to enter the panhandle region late Friday night into early Saturday morning.  By mid-day, we’ll see the front clear most of north central Texas and cruising south into central Texas.  But Saturday evening, the front will be entering the northern counties across southeast and south central Texas.  By midnight Saturday, it’s expected that the front will have cleared all but deep south Texas.  The forecast models traditionally have a difficult time with frontal timing and they usually arrive a few hours faster than most models forecast.  At any rate,  we have a first look at frontal timing based on current forecaster thinking…give or take a few hours:

Snow is also in the forecast across most of the panhandle region beginning Saturday morning and continuing into the afternoon hours. Accumulations generally less than an inch are currently forecasted so travel impacts are expected to be minimal.  Snow will also be possible across parts of north Texas Saturday night for areas north of the I-20 corridor and across the Red River counties.  Nothing more than a light dusting is expected at this time. We’ll continue to watch the forecast as adjustments to anticipated snowfall amounts will be likely over the next 24 to 36 hours.

Wind chills behind the front will also be extreme…and dangerously cold across the northern half of the state early Sunday where most areas will see single digit and below zero chill factors.  And Monday morning won’t be much better.  Needless to say, make sure you have adequate shelter for outdoor pets and livestock during this event.  Also be extra cautious with space heaters if you plan to use them during this cold snap.  Never allow children to play anywhere near a space heater, be sure to keep blankets and other flammable objects at least 3 feet away, and follow all manufacturer’s safety advice.