Currently, we’re watching an uptick in storm activity across the Houston area and stretching west towards Eagle Lake and Yoakum.  Hail up to 1 inch and damaging downburst winds will be the greatest threat with these storms as they continue development this evening.  A cold front has stalled across south central Texas and will continue to be the focus for a continued uptick in shower and storm activity overnight, especially across south central Texas and the Edwards Plateau region as a weak upper level wave arrives. Overall, little in the way of rainfall is expected with accumulations generally less than 1/4 inch with higher amounts possible under some of the stronger cells.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.39.26 PM

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For tomorrow, the cold front will dissipate and we’ll see a return of southerly flow across much of the state. Another cold front will be advancing south towards the state arriving late tomorrow evening.  This will provide a focus for additional isolated storm development across the southern Texas panhandle region and south plains late tomorrow evening.  A few of these cells could become severe with a wind and hail threat, but significant severe weather is not expected.  The Storm Prediction Center has placed a Marginal Risk across much of the panhandle and portions of the south plains to cover this potential tomorrow evening.  Outside of the Marginal Risk area, scattered showers and storms are also possible by tomorrow afternoon during peak daytime heating.  These should all remain sub-severe and mainly driven by the seabreeze front as it moves onshore during the afternoon hours.


Here’s a look at our expected lows overnight.  Mild across the central and southern half of the state…cooler and drier across the panhandle and mountain regions of far west Texas.  Amarillo and Lubbock can expect lows in the low to mid 50s, Dallas and Fort Worth will be in the low 60s, central Texas will see mid to upper 60s, and the coastal regions will only drop down into the low 70s.

Lows Tonight

Highs tomorrow, not out of control and seasonal for this time of the year.  Amarillo and Lubbock can expect highs in the mid 80s, Dallas in the low 80s,  Austin and San Antonio in the mid 80s, Houston will likely reach the upper 80s, with deep south Texas and parts of far west Texas warming up into the low to mid 90s.  Enjoy this while we can…it won’t be long before we’ll be talking about highs in the 90s and 100s with Summer not far away!

Highs Friday