• The most intense storm shortly before 7:30 PM was located over Gruver or 5 miles west of Spearman in the northern Texas Panhandle. This storm looks quite intense on radar with an impressive hail core. Spearman will be directly impacted by hail up to the size of hen-eggs (2″) and wind gusts over 70 MPH in the next few minutes. The storm itself is moving east/southeast at 35 MPH.
  • A second severe storm capable of quarter size hail and 60 MPH wind gusts is just east of Cactus or 10 miles north/northeast of Dumas. This storm is moving east at 35 MPH and will impact Sunray shortly.
  • A third strong storm is near Exum or 9 miles northeast of Hartley. This storm is moving east at 35 MPH and may contain small hail.
  • A fourth storm is located 12 miles west of Hartley or 17 miles south of Dalhart. Social media pictures shared recently show a well organized supercell. Radar indicates this storm could produce very large hail and damaging wind gusts. This storm is moving southeast towards Channing.