Running a Texas weather website gets more expensive every year. We’re now on a scalable server, have a professional mobile app, and pay for premium meteorological products. We don’t accept monetary donations nor do we request them. Our way to occasionally raise funds is to crowdfund via TeeSpring. You get an awesome shirt and we have a way to pay the bills. In order to continue providing reliable weather information to you we need your help! The development of a free mobile app finally occurred this past winter. Now you’re able to access our weather blogs and storm chase content in a native smartphone app! Development of that app was not cheap and continued development requires a monthly investment. Our variable traffic levels on our website means we also have invested in a dynamic/scalable web server. We maintain a minimum amount of advertising on our website to help cover expenses. Most of the time those ads do their job and pay the bills. This past winter ended up being quiet – when the forecasts expected the opposite. Not many folks visit a weather website when the weather is sunny and clear. I (David) have used my own personal funds to keep many of our services available. Like I said previously – we do not crowdfund and we don’t accept monetary donations. I believe that if an individual wants to raise capital then they should offer a product worth investing in. For that reason, we’re happy to bring back our most popular apparel design First debuted in 2014, we’ve had many inquiries on when our ‘belt-buckle’ design would return. Wait no longer – its back!  We have three apparel products available along with a new option – stickers! All products are produced and shipped by TeeSpring to ensure maximum quality control possible. Funds raised by this campaign will go to members of the Texas Storm Chasers team to pay bills and allow us to continue providing you with Texas weather information. While Jenny has a full-time job David continues to ‘work’ at Texas Storm Chasers full time. The spring storm chase season is just around the corner and we have big plans for bringing you live (free) storm chase video along with our usual high quality photographs and more. Thank you for taking a moment to read our post and helping support Texas Storm Chasers.

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