Temperatures will quickly drop off after sunset this evening. A dry, winter-like airmass has entrenched itself over Texas. After several weeks of above-average temperatures we’re going to see weather a bit more typical for March. By sunrise on Sunday there is a good chance of a freeze or frost across the northern half of Texas. This cold weather may catch some by surprise but its entirely normal. Folks just may not be used to the cooler weather since we haven’t seen much in the way of it since February.


A freeze warning has been issued for Northwest Texas and Texoma. A frost advisory has been issued for North Texas, Central Texas, the Big Country, and Concho Valley. Both a freeze warning and frost advisory indicate sensitive outdoor vegetation should be protected. Smaller plants should be brought indoors and larger plants should be covered. The lack of a freeze warning for the Texas Panhandle and West Texas is not an indication that temperatures will be above freezing. In fact temperatures will fall back into the 20s tonight in those regions. Its assumed that planting has not yet taken place since the growing season doesn’t typically start for a few more weeks. If you took the recent warm weather as a sign to plant than you need to take action to protect your investment.