There are two areas of thunderstorms ongoing at 5 AM. The first is a line extending from just east of Abilene south to Junction. The second line segment runs from near Childress southwest to Midland. The primary focus of this post will be that first line. Compared to the post we made last evening the line is moving a bit slower than expected.


The line is moving east/northeast towards western North Texas and western Central Texas. Some of the storms have been severe this morning. In fact one of the tail-end storms ended up becoming tornadic north of Junction about an hour ago. That tornado warning has long since expired. As the line moves east towards I-35 it’ll be moving into an enviornment comparatively less unstable. That lower instablity will hopefully keep the severe weather threat fairly low along I-35 this morning. What we will have to watch for is a flash flood risk – especially in parts of North Texas where we had heavy rainfall last night. The strongest storms may produce wind gusts near 50-60 MPH.