Earlier this afternoon, the Winter Weather Advisory for the Texas panhandle was extended further south to just north of Lubbock.  The upper level low generating today’s winter weather has pushed a bit further south than previously anticipated and has moved the threat of snowfall further south along with it.  The cold front is expected to begin surging south after sunset and temps will quickly drop to below freezing across the southern panhandle.  North winds will increase and gust up to 30mph.  The low will advance eastward over the panhandle overnight which will then focus most of the ongoing precipitation across the southern panhandle, northern south plains and northern rolling plains.  Once temps drop to freezing, the rain will quickly change over to snow with accumulations between 1 to 2 inches with some localized spots receiving higher amounts.  The south plains and central rolling plains will take a bit longer to drop to freezing, but a rain/snow mix transitioning over to all snow by around midnight is likely.  Accumulations here will be light and generally under 1 inch.  Significant roadway impacts are not expected, with most of the current roadway issues noted across the northwestern panhandle and into the Amarillo area and are confined mainly to bridges and other elevated surfaces.  Drive with extra caution if you have to be out and about overnight.  Most of the snow will be pushing east and out of the panhandle region by early tomorrow morning!

winter wx advisory