After a day of rest from a busy and stormy weekend, we’ll see another Pacific cold front will arrive tomorrow, but thankfully with a lot less fanfare than we had this past weekend.  For the panhandle and west Texas regions tomorrow, the front will arrive by early afternoon. Sustained wind speeds across the panhandle tomorrow will likely reach 20 to 30mph with gusts in the 40s.  For west Texas in and around the Guadalupe mountains, sustained winds around 35mph with some gusts reaching as high as 65+mph are possible.  The good news is that no rain…or wintry weather…is expected to arrive with the front across this region.  Winds should die down after sunset and we’ll see a relatively calm and chilly night heading into Wednesday.


For central, east and southeast Texas, we’ll see a good bit of moisture returning by early tomorrow ahead of the front as winds return from the south once again.  With skies still mostly clear early tomorrow morning, fog will be likely along the coast and inland by a few counties across southeast and south central Texas. By tomorrow evening, the front will be pushing across central and eastern Texas and aid in the generation of widespread light rain across the region overnight into early Wednesday.  Instability levels look very low due to increasing cloud cover during the day which will limit surface heating, so severe weather is not expected.  Rainfall amounts are expected to remain low and generally under 1/2 inch before the front clears the region by late Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 7.10.45 PM

FWD Cold Front

For the rest of the state, quiet conditions will continue through the rest of the work week and into the weekend.  We will get another arriving on Thursday, but it will not carry any rain chances with it and will not do much more than just reinforce the cooler and drier air across the state.  For the long range forecast…we won’t be looking at the return of rain chances until the end of this coming weekend.  Temps will be right at about normal for most which will set the stage for a beautiful work week!

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