Some of y’all are starting off this morning with freezing fog or freezing drizzle. Freezing fog occurs when temperatures are below freezing. Its actually no different than regular fog except the small water droplets can freeze to exposed objects. It can result in a thin layer of ice on bridges and even roads resulting in unexpectedly slick conditions. This will be a problem through late morning across the Texas Panhandle, northern Permian Basin, northern Big Country, and western North Texas. It should start to thin out by lunchtime.


Temperatures this afternoon will be a few degrees warmer than what we saw on Tuesday. Folks in San Antonio, Austin, B/CS, and Houston will top out in the upper 50s today. Marshall, Tyler, D/FW, and Abilene will warm into the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. We’ll have to see how long the freezing fog sticks around in the Big Country since that could negatively impact how warm it gets today. The Texas Panhandle, South Plains, Rolling Plains, and Northwest Texas will top out in the 30s to low 40s today. We’ll see more melting as temperatures rise above freezing – but if it doesn’t evaporate it’ll refreeze tonight.


The Panhandle and West Texas will quickly cool off tonight as a snowpack remains. Any melting that occurs this afternoon will certainly freeze up again tonight. THe freezing line should make it down into the Permian Basin, Big Country, into the northwest half of North Texas by tomorrow morning. THe Hill Country through Central and East Texas will drpo into the 30s while the Interstate 10 corridor from San Antonio through Beaumont will make it into the 40s. Everyone across Deep South Texas, the Coastal Plains, and the Rio Grande Valley will cool into the 40s tonight.

We’ll talk more about the New Years Eve/New Years forecast in a later blog. I don’t anticipate any high-impact weather but there will be light rain/light sleet for some.