We’ve had a relatively mild fall so far with only a few relatively “meh” cold fronts move through.  That’s about to change this weekend when we will get our first arctic blast of the season!  A weak front will move into the panhandle and northern Texas overnight and will keep temps on the cool side tomorrow for the northern half of the state.  But by late Friday evening, a much stronger Arctic front will arrive, diving quickly south arriving along the coast by Saturday afternoon.  Gusty north winds will accompany the front which will likely lead to widespread Wind Advisories overnight Friday into early Saturday.

Cold Front LUB


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Unlike our last front, this one will not have a severe weather threat and will only bring some scattered rain chances across central and south Texas Saturday afternoon right ahead of the front.  Most of the moisture needed to produce rain and storms was pushed off the coast by our last system.  With such little time it has to recover, the southern half of the state where return moisture will be more abundant, will have the best chance for seeing rain and a few thunderstorms with this next front.  The really big impact will be the frigid temps, especially across the panhandle, north and western Texas where lows are expected to drop into the 20s and low 30s by Saturday night into early Sunday morning.  We’ll also see temps at or just above freezing across parts of north Texas and as far south as Waco.  Lows Sunday morning won’t be quite as cold as you get further south, but still quite chilly and in the 40s to low 50s.  Temps will remain unseasonably cool until we get into the middle of next week when we’ll get back to warmer and more seasonal temps.

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