After a brief lull in thunderstorm intensity earlier this evening we’ve seen a resurgence in the squall line now located across Northeast Texas and North Texas. At 10:30 PM the leading edge of this line was located near New Boston southwest to Grand Saline, Gun Barrel City, to just north of Corsicana. The line itself isn’t moving east too quickly but individual cells in the line are moving northeast. Frequent cloud to ground lightning, wind gusts up to 40-50 MPH, and heavy rain are expected. Localized flooding is a possibility and we’ll have to watch for any slowing or training of cells that could enhance the flood potential. The squall line may continue to build southwest and impact portions of Central Texas this evening. Meanwhile we’ve seen an isolated thunderstorm develop just west of Interstate 35 between Jarrell and Round Rock. This storm is moving east around 30 MPH. It is in an environment supportive of organized thunderstorms and we’ll need to watch it closely for signs of it becoming stronger. The tornado threat is very low but we may see some hail and localized gusty winds. The overall flooding and severe weather threat for the D/FW Metroplex and areas behind the squall line have diminished considerably.