Just a quick update to provide you with the most current rainfall forecast, released this evening, running through next Sunday evening.  Confidence is high that widespread rainfall will impact a large portion of the state this week.  What models are still struggling with is location of heaviest rainfall, precipitation totals, and the speed of this next system.  Regardless, it looks like we all need to be checking our wiper blades, applying a nice coat of Rain-X to our windshields and dragging out the raincoats and umbrellas!


Below, we’ve provided a first look at the timing of this week’s rain event.  Keep in mind it will be working its way from west to east across the state with impacts between Tuesday and early Thursday across the panhandle and western Texas, with impacts across central, north central and eastern Texas holding off until we get closer to Friday.  For coastal Texas, impacts will be felt daily, with the greatest rainfall expected between Corpus and Brownsville later this week as well.  These forecasts are subject to changes and updates as we get further into the forecast period, so be sure to check back daily!

Tuesday evening Wednesday Evening Thursday Evening Friday Evening Saturday Evening