Good Wednesday Morning! A line of showers with embedded storms is impacting parts of Central, North, and Northeast Texas. The leading edge extends from San Saba northeast to Hillsboro, Mineola, to Texarkana. Some parts of the line are more potent than others with frequent lightning and heavy rain.


The area of precipitation will continue to make southward progress today. We do expect weakening with mostly non-thunderstorm activity anticipated across Central and East Texas later this morning. We may seen an uptick of activity across the Big Country and South-Central Texas this afternoon. Severe weather is not expected today.

Rain accumulation forecast through Friday

Rain accumulation forecast through Friday

The weak cold front responsible for the ongoing precipitation will continue to move south today. It will become stationary on Thursday with additional precipitation chances. Severe thunderstorms are not expected with the upcoming activity. Overall rain accumulations will average a quarter of an inch up to an inch. The few lucky folks may receive up to two inches of rain through Friday.

While by definition we are dealing with a cold front its not an impressive one. Cloud cover and the rain chances will help knock temperatures back down to seasonal averages with upper 80s to mid 90s. For tonight we’ll see temperatures drop back into the 60s and 70s. Dewpoint values won’t drop off much with the cold front so it will continue to be humid.



North winds will help keep temperatures steady-state through Saturday with seasonally average high and low temperatures. By Sunday and into next week south winds will push temperatures back up with dry weather once again. As we continue into mid-September the cold front intrusions should start to become more frequent along with active weather.