The hottest weather this year is setting up over the next several days. The heat dome of doom has returned and will be stronger than the past several weeks. Not only will we see very hot temperatures during the day but we won’t cool off much at night. Heat index values will approach 110 degrees in spots. This dangerous heat will continue through the weekend if not into next week. Its hot in Texas during the summer – but these are the temperatures that can actually cause life-threatening problems like heat stroke. High temperatures across all of Texas will range from 97 degrees up to 108 degrees for the next several days. One or two of the hottest locations may hit 110 degrees at some point. Temperatures will only fall into the mid 70s to lower 80s at night providing little relief. We often make fun of the ‘heat safety’ tips that the news media throw out during the summertime. However with this kind of heat we really do want to stress that you should take it seriously. Take frequent breaks and re-hydrate if working outdoors. If you become short of breath, become nauseated, or experience a severe headache after working outdoors take immediate action as you may be experiencing a heat stroke. Work during the morning hours or in the evening avoiding the afternoon heat. Check up on the elderly to ensure they have air conditioning and are in good shape. Isolated afternoon storms are possible across East Texas and the Red River today – but coverage will remain less than ten percent. The heat dome will keep rain chances near zero into next week.