Good Tuesday morning and welcome to the July 14th edition of the Texas Weather Roundup. In the dog days of summer these can become pretty repetitive day after day. With an El Nino in place we’ll have to watch for periods of active weather this summer. We will not be dealing with anything un-summerlike for the next few days. An isolated thunderstorm will be possible this afternoon and evening up in the Texas Panhandle. Everyone else will be left high and dry. If you’re lucky you may see a cloud or two to give some shade this afternoon. Otherwise I recommend you get a hat.



WIth clear skies and a heat ridge in place temperatures will quickly warm into the mid 90s by lunchtime. Along and east of Interstate 35 in Texas will be where higher humidity values results in elevated heat index temperatures. High temperatures will range from the mid 90s into the lower 100s. Heat index temperatures, or what it feels like with the humidity, will be 103 to 108 degrees along and east of Interstate 35. The most oppressive values will be across Northeast and East Texas. If it makes you feel better parts of northern Oklahoma could see heat index temperatures reach 115 degrees today. Light south winds will at least help stir the air a bit.


Another complicating factor will be that low temperatures tonight won’t drop off too much in the urban corridors along/east of Interstate 35. This means heat index values overnight will remain in the 80s. Those sensitive to the heat or without air conditioning will be particularly susceptible to heat-related issues. Rural areas will see temperatures drop into the lower 70s. Much of the same will be seen on Wednesday and through the rest of the work week.